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Making storage easy and convenient with our collection of Stainless Steel Almirah, Powder Coated Steel Almirah. Steel Almirah, Powder Coated Steel Almirah...

With the modernizing society, the needs of customers for a highly functional, less space consuming, more space giving and attractive furniture is increasing. Seeing this increasing need in the Indian market, Krona Furniture was established in the year 2018. We are an ISO 9001:20015 and a newly formed manufacturer & supplier of steel furniture. Many varieties of steel furniture that we excel in bringing forth, Stainless Steel Almirah and Powder Coated Steel Almirah are much liked by our customers because of its impressive space saving feature.

For manufacturing good quality steel furniture, we are sourcing stainless steel from known and long-standing companies. Since we are sourcing best grade steel, our furniture is most likely to be rust resistant, strong, easily cleanable and resistant to chemicals. Customers will get from us many standard dimensions and designs of steel furniture but if their requirement is of some special dimension or design, then we will also meet the requirement by designing a customized product.

Your Partner For Lifetime

At Krona Furniture, we believe in partnering with our customers for a long time which is why we are serving all bright, attractive and durable pieces of furniture. For our company, our customers contentment and satisfaction is everything that matters, for which we have formed policy where only quality steel, powder coating material and many other items will be used for making Steel Almirah and Powder Coated Steel Almirah. Apart from this, we are making sure that customers are provided with all the necessary and extra benefits in the form of timely deliveries, flexibility in payment modes and so much more so that we are able to partner with our clients for a lifetime.

Our Strengths

  • Workforce- Our 30 employees, who have been sourcing steel for making furniture, designing furniture, performing quality checking post designing and post checking making deliveries are contributing a high percent in making the company grow.
  • Manufacturing Facility- Advanced designing, testing and other machinery has been helping us in production of bulk pieces of furniture in less time which in the otherwise mode that is Manual has been impossible.
  • Warehousing Facility- Post checking, all the pieces of furniture including Stainless Steel Almirah and Powder Coated Steel Almirah are stored in systematic manner so that delivery of the produced pieces takes place on time.
  • Customer Service- We are providing excellent customer service in the form of instant reply to query mails, manufacturing customized products and a lot more.

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